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twitter user foxylalonde telling it like it is

Perfect Sucks by Dennis Cortes
Twitter: @visualvibs

More Than You Can Imagine


This Too Shall Pass

Really Useful Creative by Zach Stewart

typeverything.com, Mary Kate McDevitt

Julep Logos by Adam Elwell
Twitter: @Trendgrafeed

Deep in the Heart by Ryan Hamrick
Twitter: @Trendgrafeed

East Wind


Hand Lettering
by Jason Carne

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30 Vintage Vector Logos by Hustle Supply co (66% off one day left).

Vintage logos have such a warm, friendly appeal to them, don’t they? So jump on this latest Mighty Deal from Hustle Supply Co., and get yourself a collection of 30 gorgeous, hi-res vintage logo templates. Fully customizable, you can work these artistic masterpieces into your latest work of art, no matter the size or scope. And for a limited time only, you can save over 60% off the regular price!

Vintage Logo Bundle Highlights:

  • 30 Professional Vector Logos
    Need some high-quality, vector logos? Well, here’s a collection of 30 beautiful and professional ones for you all tied up in one nice, neat set.
  • Vintage Look
    Old is always new when you’re talking about retro and vintage items. Everybody loves reliving the glory days of old, and all these high-quality logos are built with a vintage design in mind.
  • Fully Customizable
    These vintage vector logos are completely editable, making your job as easy as possible. It’s a snap to jump in with Adobe Illustrator and alter the text, color and even details.
  • Scale to Any Size
    Since these high-quality logo templates are vector files, you can easily adjust them to any size you want. Make them as big or as small as you’d like without fear of losing any detail.
  • Variety of Uses
    Vector logos have about a zillion in one uses. Toss them into your latest project, or include them in designs for logos, clothing, posters, signs, report covers, brochures, you name it!

Download it here: http://bit.ly/HustleSCo

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The Anatomy of Letters

Megan. Aspiring designer.

Writing, Literature and Publishing Student at Emerson College.


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